“Our small community benefited from using an architect who understood our need to have the best hospital possible at the best price. His advice on ways to improve our basic plan to meet our needs and have a little extra was great.” - Teresa Callahan


“Management approach project as a collaborative process between, the Owner, and Tenant, and the end user resulting in work that is responsive, practical, efficient, aesthetically pleasing and forward thinking.” - Sam Schultz, CFO, Georgetown Health Foundation


“Thank you for taking such good care of us at St. David’s.” - Malcolm Belisle


“It’s all coming together so nicely – particularly because of a great company’s management – and patience!” - Madolyn Musick


“The place looks great.You did a tremendous job and I appreciate you putting forth the effort to help us meet our timelines. I’m sure we were difficult at times. Thanks very much for all you did.” - Luther Burnham


“The economical design was able to feasibly capture the expanding program and functional needs of the facility and update the finishes for a modernized and freshened appearance.- Judy Jones, Regional Director, Austin Heart


“Because of their experience, expertise and attentiveness to details, they were able to expedite the permitting process and obtain the permit quickly with zero deficiencies. I can recommend H+sp (schneiderHALLS design) without reservation for any healthcare development projects as they possess the knowledge of the healthcare specialty that allows them to have a unique position in the industry.” - Malcolm Belisle, VP of Corporate Services , St. David’s HealthCare Partnership


“H+sp (schneiderHALLS) did an admirable job incorporating the requirements of the medical staff while designing toward a modest budget and very short design and construction schedule.- Gary Brady, Facilities Manager, Central Health


“H+sp (schneiderHALLS design) represents one of the few design firms in town which offers the depth of experience for such a variety of clinic types. ” - Theresa Ellington, Director of Leasing & Property Management, HealthCare Facilities Development